Thursday, 25 September 2014

Equivalent comparison between Macs & PC

Switch over the web and search ‘How Macs & PC differ?’, or ‘Which is better Mac or PC?’ and you will be pounded by hundreds of results. Each one tries to compare both computer systems on basis of his/her experiences, word-of-mouth and knowledge.   

At times, a user switching from PC to Mac finds him in the midst of completely new technology. Since an average Mac is much richer than an average PC, user takes it like a rocket science which could only be nailed by an expert.

A question arises, how many days are sufficient to master OS X Mac? Actually, there is no definite answer to it but obliviously all can’t be learnt in a day or week.

How to start?

If you have been a PC user most of the time and going to handle Mac for the very first time then we need to learn from the basics. List of FAQs are below:

1.     Does Mac have ‘My Computer’ where I can navigate through drives & partition?

Answer 1) No Macs don’t have MY COMPUTER like PC has. Instead, all drives can be navigated through Finder Window. You can customize Finder to show all your internal drives & partitions on the desktop. Thus making simple for the user to navigate connected drives & partitions.

2.     Can Mac be run under Safe boot?

Answer 2) Quite easily, Mac can be run under safe boot using below process:
·      Turn off Mac.
·      Restart Mac by holding power button
·      When Mac boots & produces startup sounds, immediately press-hold the SHIFT key.
·      Once gray Apple logo appears on monitor, release the SHIFT key.
·      Soon Mac progresses to Safe Mode.

3.     Can Macs have dual Operating System?

Answer 3) Yes, just like PC, Macs too can install multiple OS X on to their hard drives. The Mac owner must analyze the hard drive spaces and can install more 2 OS X onto it. For Instance: My OS X currently possesses 2 OS X namely.

·      OS X Mavericks
·      OS X Mountain Lion

4.     How can I change Settings of an OS X Mac?

Answer 4) PC users are well aware of Control Panel in PC OS. I am 100% sure a new user will question on ‘How to change basic settings of Mac OS X?’ The answer to this question is as simple as eating a pie. All Macs have built-in System Preferences which can be accessed via route Apple Logo<System Preferences. Amazingly, this utility does what Control Panel does on PC. Some of the offerings of System Preference are:

·      Desktop & Screensaver
·      Language & text
·      Notifications
·      CD-DVDs
·      Display
·      Energy-Savers
·      Keyboards
·      Mouse
·      Printer
·      iCloud
·      Network
·      Bluetooth
·      Sharing
·      User & groups
·      Date & Time
·      Software update
·      Time Machine
·      Startup disk etc.

5.     What is equivalent to Task Manager in OS X?
Answer 5) Soon you will be looking for an application which is equivalent to Task Manager in OS X. Activity Monitor is the answer to monitor all running apps on OS X Mac. You can manage apps, force quit a stubborn app, find out the culprit apps that are consuming more RAM & drive spaces.

6.     Do Macs have an app like Command Prompt?
Answer 6) Yes they do have but the name is TERMINAL. Users fluent in low-level language can easily execute tasks through terminal. Like Command Prompt in PC, Terminals too in Mac are technical and command should be verified before executing. An example of Terminal command is below:

·      To unhide files & folders on Mac
·      Open Terminal and type –
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
·      Hit Enter.

7.     How to uninstall an application on Mac?
Answer 7) To uninstall an app from Mac, user only need to drag the app and drop it into trash folder. Unlike PC, where one has to uninstall a software using Control Panel<Add/Remove Program.